Cairn Terrier stud dog
C.I.B. Danaos Hoity-Toity Gang

Date of birth: 31.1.2010
Colour: red

I n t e r   C h a m p i o n,
Czech Grand-Champion, Champion of Germany(VDH),
Champion of Austria,
Champion of Hungary, Slovak Champion,
Champion of Montenegro, CMKU Champion,
KCHT Club Champion,
KCHMPP Club Champion,
German Club KfT Champion, Czech Junior-Champion, KCHT Junior-Champion,
KCHMPP Junior-Champion.

“compact dog, excellent male head, straight firm back, regular movement, excellent coat”
(Special club dog show at Lanškroun, judge’s report of Bc. Vladimira Ticha, chief breeding advisor of the Czech Terrier club KCHT, 12.6.2011)
9 x CACIB, 11 x CAC CZ, 4 x CAC CMKU, 5 x CAC CRO, 2 x CAC HU, 5 x CAC SK, 2 x CAC MNE
8 x CAC VDH, 3 x CAC Kft, 2 x CACA
2 x CAJC CZ, 5 x CC KCHT
8 x BOB, 1 x BOJ
2 x Czech Republic National Winner
1 x Austrian Winner (Bundessieger)

Patellar Luxation L0/P0
Free from Inherited Eye Disorders
DNA profile (adjusted to ISAG2012)

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KCHT = Terrier club of the Czech Republic, KCHMPP = Rare breeds club of the Czech Republic, CMKU = Bohemian and Moravian Cynological Union, CACIB = Certificate of Aptitude for International Champion of Beauty
CAC = Certificate of Aptitude for Champion, CAJC = dtto in Junior class, 
CC =  certificate of aptitude for Club Champion KCHT, BOB = Best of Breed, BOJ = Best of  Juniors, CZ = Czech, HU = Hungary, SK = Slovakia, CRO = Croatia, MNE = Montenegro