son of Belos, mythical King of Egypt. King in Lybia an Argus, patriarch of Danaans tribe, …
Father of 50 daughters !

Danaos Hoity-Toity Gang (HTG) is an offspring of excellent parents. Kamei Sparkling Heart`s, his mother, is inter-champion, junior-champion and grand-champion both of the Czech and Slovak Republic and a national champion of plenty other countries. Mc Feast, his father, springs from the Swedish well known Rotriver’s kennel. He is junior-champion and grand-champion of Germany. For more details see Pedigree section.

Dan(aos) has succeeded his mother not only in excellent exterior and coat pigmentation, but also in a lovely temper. His father “gave” him besides coloured coat marks a bold male skull.

Hoity-Toity Gang kennel breeds bitches from outstanding Czech kennels (Sparkling
Heart´s and Bohemia Enjoy) mostly with abroad stallions and gets excellent offsprings very successful both at national and international dog shows (assumed that their owners are willing to undertake a martyrdom of dog show “merry-go-round”).

Danaos HTG has obtained his “breeding license” as early as in his 13th month of age and he is a multichampion.

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