Ganymede, the son of Tros of Dardania and of Callirrhoe. He was a divine hero; Homer describes Ganymede as the most beautiful of mortals. In the myth, Zeus turned himself into an eagle to transport Ganymede, a symbol of youth, to Mount Olympus. Zeus later put Ganymede in the sky as the constellation Aquarius.

Ganymedes Hoity-Toity Gang (HTG) ) is an offspring of excellent parents. Kamei Sparkling Heart`s, his mother, is an inter-champion, junior-champion and a grand-champion both of the Czech and Slovak Republic and a national champion of plenty other countries. Deister-Cairn´s Unforgettable “Percy” comes from famous kennel Deister-Cairn’s. He is a German Junior Champion both of VDH and KfT and German Federal Winner (Bundessieger). See details in the pedigree section.
Ganymedes looks like his father – a real chip off the old block. He has inherited Percy’s athletic frame and rather dark coat, which is, however, sprinkled by the red one of his mother. He is of unbelievably gay and joyful character, a sweet little devil (= Cherteek in Czech).

Hoity-Toity Gang kennel mates bitches from outstanding Czech kennels (Sparkling Heart´s and Bohemia Enjoy) mostly with abroad stud dogs and gets excellent offsprings very successful both at national and international dog shows (assumed that their owners are willing to undertake a martyrdom of dog show “merry-go-round”).

Ganymedes HTG has already obtained his “breeding license”. He is a junior champion of Germany (both VDH and KfT) and he has fulfilled requirements to be the Czech junior champion and a junior champion of the Czech club KCHT.

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