“Z Klce” litter D

Sire:                                     Danaos Hoity-Toity Gang
Dam:                                   Cibulka z Klce
Date of the litter:           2.6. 2012 Number of offspring:   8  (5 bitches and 3 dogs)
Kennel:                              Z Klce

All the puppies were delivered in a natural way. They are of different colours from golden to dark brindle. See more info at http://zklce.wbs.cz/Stenata–Puppies.html One male, Dipp, lives as far as in Finland and one bitch, Dafne, in Vienna. Dejna has succeeded to obtaind already 2nd junior CAC and needs just one more to be awarded by Czech Junior Champion title.

2 Responses to “Z Klce” litter D

  1. Judit Acsay says:

    dear Cain Breeder,

    I write from Budapest, looking for wheat-golden color male young cairn. pls. let me know if there is such one in this litter, and if so, pls. send me some photos, prize info, location, etc. that I could make a reservation.
    many thanks in advance:


    • jirsed says:

      Personally, I do not know about any wheaten puppy available in the Czech Republic at the moment. However, there are some liters planned to be deliver in Spring 2013. I have also forwarded your message to some Czech breeders.

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